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Past MB Seek Bid Sales

Examples of Olson’s Private Bid Sales – Feedback from Sellers and Bidders:


Sale of a 300SL Gullwing:
“Thanks again for your expeditious and quite successful handling of [my GW sale]. Your phone auction idea is a good one … given the huge drops in the markets, the general economy … It was a pleasure working with you”

Dr. Leon Glazeman, California

Note from an unsuccessful 300 SL Roadster Bidder:
“John, You’ve done a wonderful job of selling the car to the winning bidder. I felt confident to deal with you that although your job is to represent the seller you did it with honesty and transparency. Keep up the good work”
Amir Almagor, Tel Aviv, Isreal

Sale of a Gullwing donated to Ohio State University by Art Avril of Indiana:

“The winning bid you obtained for us was far beyond what we had hoped … In addition to the compliments that you received at the end of the bidding conference [concluding phone meeting of top four bidders with seller], similar comments have trickled back to us through University channels … Please feel free to use us as a reference”
Donald D. Glower, Dean, Ohio State University

Sale of a 300 SL Roadster:
“I am most grateful for your help in the sale of mt Roadster. Your reputation and professionalism made a satisfactory result possible. My best wishes for the future.
Ferrell G. Reed, California

Sale of a wrecked Gullwing:
“Results were outstanding; a significant number of bidders for this unusual commodity. [Your] method, of initial written qualifying bids and subsequent telephone auction, was extremely effective. I am happy to provide unqualified recommendation for your service”
K. B Jefferts, Shaw Island, Washington

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